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Afghan Me Dave Petraeus

Posted in afghanistan, united states, us military by Karaka on 29 June 2010

You can read through all the fun of #P4ISR at Danger Room–fun I mostly, sadly, missed–but if you’re really committed to General Petraeus and his shockingly unshocking confirmation, you can watch the whole three-hour escapade here, on CSPAN2.

The only things I miss about having cable, or even a digital box, are CSPAN and the Discovery Channel. But at least I can stream one of those.

ETA: Oh my god, the Senate Armed Services Committee website is the saddest thing I have ever seen. JFC. I can’t find a transcript for Petraeus’s opening statement–can anyone throw me a link?

For reactions and reporting, see also Small Wars Journal. (They still need funding, and you should give it to them!


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