Permissible Arms

How long it can go

Posted in japan, united states by Karaka on 20 May 2010

With ten minutes between work and appointment, I wanted to note this essentially non-news story on the Marine base in Futenma. Deal Seems Near on U.S. Base in Japan:

According to the reports, Mr. Hatoyama will soon announce a new plan that will largely adhere to a 2006 agreement to move the busy base, Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, to a less populated part of Okinawa — rather than move it off the island entirely, as he had pledged during last summer’s campaign. The reports said that the biggest departure from the previous accord would be a vague call to move some Marine training exercises off Okinawa, in what appears to be a largely symbolic gesture to lighten the island’s military burden.

Yeah. That’s about all anyone could realistically expect. A whole lot of US pressure meeting the already-overstretched DPJ administration of Japan equals taking the most efficient route out of the controversy. I want to know how long the deal will be brokered for–because you can bet that five seconds after that year is up, this issue will be raised again.


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