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The continuing saga of Bakiyev

Posted in kyrgyzstan by Karaka on 26 April 2010

In a (completely not) surprising twist, Bakiyev has turned down (with the apparent backing of Belarus) attempts at extradition from the interim Kyrgyz government.

Ousted Kyrgyzstan leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev has said he does not intend to return home to rule as president.

But Mr Bakiyev said he no longer recognised his resignation, as the interim leaders had broken the terms under which he stood down.

He remains in Minsk. And in an interesting turn of events, Russia seems to have thrown its lot in with Kyrgyzstan:

Russian forces have detained the former Kyrgyz interior minister and returned him to the Central Asian nation, the interim Kyrgyz government said.

Moldomusa Kongantiyev was held in Moscow and is now in custody in Bishkek, a senior Kyrgyz official said. Mr Kongantiyev served under Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who was ousted in bloody protests two weeks ago. Officials said he was being investigated for his role in the violence on 7 April.

The political drama continues to unfold.


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  1. Alec said, on 27 April 2010 at 06:19

    Man, Bakiyev really pissed off Moscow. It’s going be interesting to watch whom the Russians start to court in Bishek.

  2. […] sources that I can read I’d be keen to have them. Despite Bakiyev’s statement refusing to meet charges applied to him in his home nation, he has since been charged in absentia, which is not terribly surprising. The interim government […]

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