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Perhaps a sign it’s time for rest

Posted in counterinsurgency by Karaka on 22 April 2010

It seems surveying the many intelligent reactions to “The Death of the Armour Corps”, recently published by Col. Gian Gentile in SWJ, is my bedtime reading. But I have to say–having read a few variations on the same query from several of my usual reads–it really and truly does my head in that so frequently the first question stated is What is counterinsurgency?


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  1. Starbuck said, on 26 April 2010 at 17:57

    The book answer might say that “counterinsurgency” is the sum of political and military factors designed to defeat insurgency. (In which case, insurgency and counterinsurgency are merely binaries)

    The better question is, “what is insurgency”?

    Think before you answer…it’s a tricky one.

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