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Monday Errata

Posted in europe by Karaka on 19 April 2010

Okay, I was trying to figure out how to talk about this crazy epic volcano while still making it tenuously relevant to this blog, and the NYT gave me an out. Military Scrambles Soldiers, Staff and Supplies:

Volcanic ash and no-fly orders by European air-control authorities forced the U.S. military to reroute several planes flying wounded soldiers out of Afghanistan and to cancel hundreds of training flights in Europe, military officials said Monday. In addition, U.S. bases struggled with staff shortages because thousands of soldiers on leave were not able to make it back to base.

See? Relevance! Now check out these badass images from The Big Picture.

I know this is all a terrifying and vastly inconvenient display of nature, but wow, it looks flipping awesome. (In the classical sense of the word.)


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  1. Alec said, on 19 April 2010 at 15:43

    If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the Ash Cloud. It’s quite friendly.

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