Permissible Arms

Also known as December.

Posted in admin by Karaka on 18 December 2009

In the last twelve days, my car has broken down and been fixed, I’ve found a new apartment, I registered to vote, went to a hearing at the county courthouse, replaced my work computer that self-immolated unexpectedly, and tried, in vain, to shop for winter holiday presents.

You can perhaps understand my lack of posting.

And so, in lieu of the usual foreign policy-military-foreign development thinkiness, have this amusing quote from Overheard in New York. (Real content soon. Unless something else goes awry.)

Teenage boy, explaining why he joined the Air Force: We’ve been around since World War II. We fought against the Germans and sank several submarines. We also killed a whale, but that’s not the point.

–Bard High School, Queens

Isn’t that why everyone joins? Apart from the whale, of course.

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  1. onparkstreet said, on 21 December 2009 at 15:59


    (It allows some of us to catch up with back posts, so no worries!)

    – Madhu

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