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And I bet she’s a lioness in her head

Posted in admin by Karaka on 22 October 2009

So I’m going to take any credibility I’ve established in the authoring of this blog and waste some of it on this stupidly cute picture of my friend’s new cat.

bella the cat

This kitten, aside from being ridiculously cute, is also super fierce. See, she’s winning hearts and minds right now. Her name is Bella, and she’s eight months old.

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled foreign policy/military activity/world issues chatter. (But seriously–so freaking cute.)

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  1. onparkstreet said, on 23 October 2009 at 09:40

    No, you’ve established credibility because you team good work with a gentle and human touch.

    Not easy to do in the world of blogging, well, at least with these sorts of topics.

    (Cute cat, although, I’m more of a dog person. Flame wars, begin!)

    • karakapend said, on 23 October 2009 at 13:25

      Aw, you’re a nice one, Madhu. Thanks.

      (I’m a dog person too; trying to decide if I actually want to post pictures of my girl on here. But that kitten just kept taunting me with its adorability, so I felt compelled to share with the world.)

  2. Alec said, on 30 October 2009 at 07:17

    It’s a tough one… the aloof indifference of cats over the snivelling servility of dogs, or the matter of cats being classic fascist appeasers. Burglars would find dog-teeth in their ankles, whilst the cat is licking their boots.

    • karakapend said, on 30 October 2009 at 07:48

      I know! Perhaps the choice is not to choose and leave oneself room to admire the fine qualities of both cats and canines.

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