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Posted in afghanistan, american media, us military by Karaka on 14 October 2009

Between hosting dinner last night and a full day o’ meetings today, I haven’t had the chance to watch the Frontline documentary yet; but I’m rushing home to watch it tonight. In the meantime, though, a couple things to check out:

Stanley McChrystal’s Long War by Dexter Filkins.

The accompanying presentation by photographer Peter van Agtmael, which is intense and an experience:


[H/t Danger Room.]

Corporal Nicole Zook’s account of FETs in Helmand:

After finishing my tour of duty doing security missions in Iraq, I volunteered to train any willing Marines from my unit to prepare for the FET missions here in Afghanistan. There were ten. I put them through the wringer and held them all to an exceptionally high standard in their training. I ensured that they were well trained for the physical demands of combat missions, including crew-served weapons training, fighting, and self-defense; the mental demands of being a female attached to an all-male unit (there are plenty) and maintaining decorum among the sometimes unruly and rude men; and intensive cultural, language, psychology, and communication training to prepare them for interacting with the Afghan women. The Marines loved every minute of their training, even when I ran them into the ground, and asked for more. They are better trained than some of their male counterparts and they are participating in the program for all the right reasons.

I would like to buy her a beer.


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  1. urdead2me said, on 23 November 2009 at 04:54

    RIP – Miriam Cohen, 101, was one of the oldest women to ever join the Marines. In fact, she was one of the 1st women to join, back in ’43 at age 35. She died on Veteran’s Day. The entire USA paid tribute, whether they knew it or not.

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