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Flash in the pan–

Posted in afghanistan, united states, us military by Karaka on 12 October 2009

Not to overlink, but akinoluna has a most excellent collection of links regarding Military Women in the Media. Most handy.

Stars and Stripes has a nifty article on the new MRAPs deployed for Afghanistan:

“It’s been tested back in the States,” said Lt. Col. Brennan Phillips, commander of Task Force Paladin East, which supports the 82nd Airborne in eastern Afghanistan to counter the explosives threat. “It’s untested on the battlefield.”

Still, the vehicle, which weighs at least 16 tons, is far more comfortable and has suspended seats and padding so soldiers’ feet don’t absorb the brunt of a buried bomb blast. The smaller M-ATV is not as alienating to the Afghan population as the hulking MRAPs now on the ground, an important element in a counterinsurgency war.

And it can maneuver.

“It makes me miss my Jeep back home,” said Maj. David Klahn, Paladin East executive officer, who test-drove the M-ATV.

I’m waiting to see how they do in the field. Go team Secdef for speeding up their production.


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