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One-man wrecking machine

Posted in afghanistan, us defense, us military, us politics by Karaka on 9 October 2009

Interesting opinion article by Vincent Heintz in the WSJ today:

Last month, in his recommendation to the president, Gen. McChrystal called for “rapidly expanded coalition force partnering at every level.” This will permit operations that are fully resourced, planned and integrated, with embedded combat advisers serving as coaches, patrolling partners, honest brokers against corruption, and liaisons between the Afghans and affiliated NATO units. That is how a surge in combat forces will directly contribute to building Afghanistan’s own security forces.

I saw little evidence that the sheer size of an American presence will cause Afghans to resent us as an occupying force. Failure to provide security is much more dangerous. One of our interpreters explained to us that the Afghan people like the coalition. “What people hate is that you won’t stop the violence. They say, ‘Why don’t the Americans do something?'” I can only imagine the rage now harbored by the people of the flood plain, who were left to fend for themselves once their police were “certified.”

This comes along with reporting on the various scenarios being discussed at the WH, continued concern about a potentially moderate position from Obama, and the propaganda ploy made by the Taliban this week. The President Laureate has some interesting acts to balance as he heads into his fourth of five meetings today.


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