Permissible Arms

And then there was art

Posted in afghanistan by Karaka on 8 October 2009

Yadda yadda COIN, yadda yadda troop increase, yadda yadda middle-of-the-road policy.

Cool thing: the return of 2000 artefacts to Kabul’s National Museum.

The National Museum was celebrating the return of about 2,000 artifacts that had been smuggled into Britain over the years of war in Afghanistan. British authorities confiscated the smuggled items and, after several years spent figuring out where the artifacts had come from, sent them back to Afghanistan in February.

The pieces were on public display for the first time on Tuesday. Visitors peered into glass cases holding delicate blue bowls from the 12th century, a bird-shaped oil burner, and an assortment of tools described as cutter, shaver, bayonet and chopper.


You can see the pieces here.


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