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Posted in american media by Karaka on 7 October 2009

Last month, I posted a criticism of the Columbia Journalism Review‘s criticism of Tom Ricks, because “blog” actually means “responding to things other people are responding to.” And it looks like Jaime McIntyre got into it too:

If you don’t like what a reporter is saying, or if the story does not affirm your previously held belief, it’s all too easy to dismiss it with the assertion that the reporter has lost his independence. In short, it’s a cheap shot.

Challenge me on my facts, question my conclusions, hold me accountable for reporting that falls short, but don’t suggest just because I have spent time talking to people who know more about something than I do, I’ve been snowed; that somehow, despite my years of experience, I have lost my critical faculties, the very skepticism that is the bedrock of any good reporter.

Believe me, Ricks has lost none of his skepticism or independence over the years. Just the opposite. The CJR’s problem seems to be that after some very thorough research and firsthand reporting, Ricks has simply come to some conclusions the article’s author doesn’t agree with.

And he certainly carries more weight than I do! Just came across this today, and figured it was worth mentioning. (He also has a piece out today on DADT and Col. Prakash’s paper.)


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  1. Starbuck said, on 8 October 2009 at 12:28

    I’ll start with the humorous and end with the serious. This reminds me of a headline from Fark which noted that Internet news media has not made us more balanced in our news sources, rather, it’s given us more partisan ass-hats.

    In serious, it reminds me of a line in “War 2.0”, which says that the greater number of news outlets available to us allows us to select one which simply confirms our pre-conceived notions.

    • karakapend said, on 8 October 2009 at 12:37

      I agree with both points, but–expand? Are you criticizing the CJR, McIntyre, Ricks, or me?

      Heh. Too many agents in one post for my own understanding.

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