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Up on top of that hill

Posted in afghanistan, us politics by Karaka on 5 October 2009

I have said just about everything I want to say about General McChrystal, Obama, and the scandal-hungry press in other people’s blog posts, but man, I’m watching it all with a sort of fascinated horror. The IISS website has gone down under the strain of people trying to watch McChrystal’s remarks, lines are being drawn in the sand, and people with lots of stars on their collars are rebuking other people on weekend news programs. It’s like a teen drama starring Men In Power.

But I have to say, as we enter the third week of Obama’s Review of Afghanistan, I’m getting a little antsy. I’m all for a concerted understanding of something as important as this, but–come on already. Make a decision.

I know, I know, there’s a health care politic still going on, and Governor Pawlenty has jumped the gun, and we still have a cap-and-trade bill on our wishlist. Yet…surely three weeks is long enough. It seems as though withholding a decision about strategizing and resourcing Afghanistan keeps from destabilizing a health care bill, but I’m pretty convinced that’s not a good enough reason. Three weeks is too long. When the NYT is telling you how to to do your job–well, I guess that’s a day ending in the letter “y,” but still. A little judicial copy and paste wouldn’t hurt, here.


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