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Do we call television traditional media yet?

Posted in afghanistan, american media by Karaka on 2 October 2009

I hate a lot of television news. In most cases, tv news programmes don’t give me any more access or information than what I can glean from the print media I read, and the audio programmes I listen to. But there are a couple I find wholly worthwhile, and I’m pretty thrilled to add this one to the list.

Christiane Amanpour is, by all rights, a personal hero of mine. Strong, smart, confident, and one of the best interviewers I’ve ever seen; she’s finally chosen to take an anchor position, which premiered last week. Called Amanpour, it is a fast-paced interview programme which invites the key players in contemporary news issues to speak candidly.

The first issue was comprised of back to back interviews with Afghanistan President Karzai and Richard Holbrooke. CNN embeds apparently choose not to play nicely with, however, so I can’t embed it; but you can subscribed to the podcast (and download the first one) through the website or on iTunes.

The thing that really struck me about her interview with Karzai was that she pulled absolutely no punches. She questioned him on corruption chargers, on the election, on ISAF troops and the ANSF. Karzai dodged a lot, but still. And then with Holbrooke–who has more experience with Amanpour’s investigative questioning–she just hammered him one after another and another. Remarkable. I really recommend you watch at least the first issue, which is available through iTunes. But I’m thrilled to add her to my limited roster of people I will willingly watch talk on television.


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