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Posted in iraq by Karaka on 25 September 2009

Remember how, last month, Nasiriyah was running short on water? Yeah, that didn’t go away. The story is picked up again by the LA Times.

The man-made death came in the 1990s, when Saddam Hussein deliberately drained the marshes to prevent their use by guerrillas, some infiltrating from Iran.

After Hussein was toppled in the U.S.-led invasion of 2003, Iraqis rushed to breach the dikes he had erected, and tens of thousands of marsh dwellers who had fled returned to their homes.

Now a devastating drought threatens their livelihoods as farmers and fishermen.

“What was once described as the Garden of Eden, the cradle of civilization, has been changed to desert and to a cradle of disease, poverty and suffering,” said Ali Hool, 52, a sheik from the marshes who led a demonstration recently in Nasiriya to demand that the government take action to assist the stricken residents.

Mostly the story needs to be heard, hence the post bump. Please do the same.

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