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And we all look just the same.

Posted in afghanistan by Karaka on 1 September 2009

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit distracted lately preparing for some high-stakes family drama that will take place at a wedding this weekend, but I pulled myself out of the HBO spec script that is my life right now to slightly boggle at Gordon Brown’s fourth visit to Afghanistan since coming into power.

The prime minister praised the “courage, bravery and patriotism” of UK personnel in his visit to Camp Bastion, after a week that confirmed 2009 as the bloodiest year on record since the US-led invasion in Afghanistan eight years ago. He admitted it had been a “most difficult summer”. Speaking yesterday to both main candidates in last week’s Afghan national elections, the outcome of which will finally be determined next month, Brown promised them thousands more troops.

There’s even less support for British involvement in Afghanistan from Britons than there is from Americans regarding American forces in Afghanistan. It’s pretty clear that this is an attempt to show muted favor for remaining in Afghanistan, and given that Brown went on to speak with General McChrystal for a time during his visit, I would be very surprised to find that Brown doesn’t back up a troop request made to Obama with additional UK troop support as well. Interesting.


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