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Who really wants to emulate Mitt Romney anyway?

Posted in us congress by Karaka on 28 August 2009

I wholeheartedly agree with Tom Schaller over at FiveThirtyEight:

With all due respect to the late senator, I think it’s a bad idea to suddenly change the law, even if the motives are to honor a long-serving senator and also to ensure that the state is not underrepresented in the Senate. Given that the current–and in my opinion, stupid–procedure was enacted by state Democrats with partisan motives to thwart then-Gov. Mitt Romney were he to have the power to appoint a successor in 2004 to John Kerry had Kerry won the presidential election, the calls for altering it again so soon after it was changed (and again with at least a partially partisan intent) would set, or rather continue, a dangerous precedent.

I too mourn Teddy Kennedy’s death, and I have a strong wish for Congress to use the pretext of honouring Kennedy’s many years of service and passionate devotion to the cause of health care reform (and a federal insurance option) to push through a damn bill already, given that they have the votes. But this should not be an opportunity to establish a way to tip a vote in partisan favor. With respect to Senator Kennedy, leaving Massachusetts with no clear congressional leadership is not a strong enough reason to change the rules to keep partisan lines strong. The people of Massachusetts should vote for their electoral representative, as they did for Kennedy.


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