Permissible Arms

At some point, we aren’t deciding to stay. We’ve signed the lease.

Posted in afghanistan by Karaka on 26 August 2009

Working at a non-profit means, inevitably, you will be stuffing envelopes for an untold period of time. Working for a non-profit also means that your boss generally doesn’t care what you’re doing while you stuff envelopes, as long as the envelopes are getting stuffed. I had picked up a link to Josh Foust and Michael Cohen’s debate on remaining in Afghanistan–particularly relating to the new counterinsurgency policy authorized by General McChrystal this month–and took the opportunity to watch them debate the topic while affixing stamps.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Foust followed up on his view about remaining in Afghanistan, which Cohen then responded too. I’ll agree with the both of them that, at this point, the argument about remaining becomes somewhat tedious. My own view is that, like it or not, we are practically committed to remaining in Afghanistan for an unspecific number of years, whatever the goals we set and however we measure the successes by which we achieve those goals. But changing the perspective of our tactics in Afghanistan does a long way towards reassuring me that, for the length of time US forces remain in Afghanistan, something positive and not merely destructive will come from it. The current presidential election (and its probably electoral fraud) notwithstanding.


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